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Where is wikify linked from, and what's the point of the page, anyway? --LMS

Well, it started with "wikification" on requested articles, but I thought "wikify" was a better term, which could have just redirected to how does one edit a page.

As for the point, I'd rather type a short [[wikify]] than try to remember is it "how does one edit a page", "how do you edit a page", "how to edit a page", ... (and then fit it into the flow of the text, or pipe it into another phrase, which is even more typing). Just call it laziness or brain cell failure. --loh

It could be used as a place to list pages in need of wikification...

It could also show the tasks that one often must perform when importing (public domain) texts from other sources. The EB11 stuff, for example, can benefit from many things: not just adding a little markup, but expanding obscure abbreviations (abbreviations are for paper), updating to modern spellings ("northwest" instead of "north-west", "etc." instead of "&c."), fixing the silly back-quotes, and so on. --LDC

Hmmm. It could also be a repository for scripts to do those fixups (eg [[Wikify/AbbrFix]]).

Why to Glossary?[edit]

Why is this redirecting to the glossary? If you have a good reason, revert my edit. For now, it's going to Wikipedia:How to edit a page. Superm401 22:11, 8 Jan 2005 (UTC)

Never mind. I saw before I edited it. Superm401 22:14, 8 Jan 2005 (UTC)

Nature of Page[edit]

What is this page doing here? Is it to be redirected somewhere useful or dispensed with? Niffweed17, Destroyer of Chickens 03:51, 3 April 2007 (UTC)Reply[reply]